Return rate of casino

Even if it appears to be 100 percent and 50:50, in conclusion, money will be lost due to the rules of variation designated by the gambling house or fees applied to certain situations. There are no merciful casinos in the world with a return rate of 100% or more. Of course, if it operates in that way, the casino will fail for a few years.

The customer’s expected income at the casino is as above.[26] Initially, the expected return (EV) itself is negative, so as the number of implementations increases, the expected return is -∞. Of course, some customers may make money due to short-term variations, but for casinos, many customers gamble with negative expected returns, so their variations are almost offset, almost zero for casinos. In this way, the expected return of negative numbers seen by customers is actually the casino’s money because the deviation is ignored. Casinos are not saving money for no reason. If you look at the slot machine with the highest winning rate, it has a high expectation of 96 percent (even the high one is only high in the sense of losing less), so you may benefit, but in reality, you lose 4 percent each. And casinos install hundreds or thousands of these devices, making clear and huge profits. 카지노

If I do it many times, I’ll get it once. You may think that, but as you know from this expected value, it is normal to lose money whenever you do.[27][28] So if you want to live a normal life, let’s not try to do the impossible.

If you still want to win some money, let’s choose a game where players compete like Texas Holdem, not a game that fights against casinos such as roulette or blackjack. You can earn less than fighting against casinos, but you can enjoy the game in an equal state because it gives everyone at the table a fair opportunity. In other words, if you are at the top of the table, the expected value may rise above 100%. Above all, it is quite interesting because some psychological warfare and calculation are possible. However, casinos earn less [29] and small casinos have fewer players, so they can be found in places such as Las Vegas and Macau, not in small places. 카지노사이트

Once again, there is no way to leave the casino without losing money. Playing fewer games is just losing less.